Yoga to the People 


“There will be no correct clothes, no proper payment, no right answers, no glorified teachers, no ego, no script, no pedestals. No you are not good enough or rich enough, this yoga is for everyone..” ( YTTP’s mantra. )

Yoga is a practice that helps strengthen, stretch and de- stress the body, and focus and decompress the mind. It helps people achieve a sense of inner peace, making them look and feel great.

In a time where yoga as a business is getting a lot of attention, the fact that cost is a concern is in con ict with the spirit of yoga itself: “being accessible to everyone”. Yoga to the People is a studio that wants to make it possible for everyone to do yoga regardless of economic limitations. They offer classes
on a donation basis, accessible to beginners and experienced students alike. The aim of YTTP is to maintain itself as a business while providing yoga as a service for everyone. This unique studio creates a community made of a variety of people passionate about health and Yoga. The environment is relaxing, friendly and non-judgmental, meaning that every body type and skill level is accepted and encouraged.

Year: 2018
Category: Branding
School of Visual Arts


Beatrice Sala
Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Berlin.