AIGA Eye on Design   

︎︎︎2020 - on going

A selection of illustrations and visuals for Eye on Design.  


work done at Butter Studio

One of the most heartbreaking parts of the COVID-19 crisis is that many people are dying alone. Non-profit, COVID Tech Connect (CTC) was created to do something about this. The organization is working to equip hospitals and senior care facilities with smart devices and a HIPAA compliant video conferencing app, TeleHome, that allows COVID-19 patients to connect with their loved ones.

Butter had the privilege of working with COVID Tech Connect to design the UI/UX of the app as well as develop the brand identity. We heavily prioritized accessibility in our design choices—from color palette to type size, to layout, and icon design, given that our audience is largely elderly folks. With form following function, our second priority was to use the visual design of the app as an opportunity to brighten a patient's day. We integrated whimsical illustrations that play on the concept of "connection," bridging cloud communication with analog technology.

How does the app work? It's pretty cool... There's no need for family members to download an app or create a login. Through the TeleHome app, patients send a one-time text message to their loved ones with a link to join a video call that is hosted on a web-browser. Patients have access to the app either on their own mobile device, or via one of the 20,000 devices that COVID Tech Connect is donating to hospitals and care facilities around the US.